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NDS/DMI Milk & Dairy Product Scholarship

(Number of awards is dependent on number and quality of applicants).
These scholarships are provided to encourage undergraduate sophomores and junior students to pursue careers in the fluid milk or dairy products industry. Major areas can include: Dairy Product Development, Dairy Quality Control or Testing, Dairy Foods or Nutrition, Dairy or Agricultural Marketing, and Food Product Science. Scholarships are based on leadership, experience, academic ability and interests in the fluid milk or dairy products industry. Co-sponsored with Dairy Management Inc.

2018 Morgan Krause University of Minnesota
2017 Trent Dado University of Minnesota
2016 Sydney Endres University of Wisconsin-Madison
2015 Mariah Schmitt Iowa State University
2014 Robert Sexton University of Minnesota
2013 Hayley Potts Virginia Tech
2012 Theresa Twohey University of Minnesota
2011 Laura Weisz University of Minnesota
2010 Elizabeth Olson University of Minnesota
2009 Londa Johnson University of Wisconsin - River Falls
2008 Katie Mason Cornell University
2007 Lisa Thompson University of Minnesota
2006 Annie Whitehall Kansas State University
2005 Christine Lepple University of Wisconsin - Madison
2004 Annie Whitehall Kansa State University
2003 Sarah Olson University of Minnesota
2002 Laurie Winkelman University of Wisconsin - Madison
2001 Kelly Sheehan University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
2000 Jill A. Makovec University of Michigan
1999 Bethany J. Beckerink Virginia Tech.
1998 Mindy S. Andino Rutgers University
1997 Carrie Bryant Penn State University
1996 Michelle Bartelt University of Wisconsin-Madison
1996 Renee Rippchen University of Wisconsin-Madison
1996 Melissa Morrow Penn State University
1995 Carey Osofsky University of Wisconsin-Madison
1995 Kyle Jensen California Polytechnic State
1995 Anthony Seebecker University of Wisconsin-Plattville
1994 Michele Ruby California Polytecnic State
1994 Jayne Hess Penn State University
1994 Kindra Rott University of Minnesota
1993 Sarah Rupprecht Michigan State University
1993 Corey Geiger University of WI-Madison
1993 Brian Sharp South Dakota State
1992 Patricia Hurtgen Oakdale, California
1992 Carolyn Tenneson Sedro-Woolley, Washington
1992 Scott Ruby Scio, Oregon
1991 Mary Preston University of Nebraska
1991 Ginger Wilson University of Tennessee
1991 James Burmeister University of Minnesota
1990 Jodi Stahl Winnebago, Illinois
1990 Dale Evers Banks, Oregon
1990 Kimberly Rott Elgin, Minnesota
1989 Jill Kutz Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania
1989 Nanette deJong Hanford, California
1989 Matthew C. Musselman Bloomfield, Iowa
1988 Michelle Rook Clear Lake, South Dakota
1988 Katharine Knowlton Portland, Connecticut
1988 Katherine Borman Kingdom City, Missouri
1987 Cheryl Helmeid Blanchardville, Wisconsin
1987 Lynn Lenschow Sycamore, Illinois
1987 Gregory Hall Brooklyn, Iowa
1986 Shawna Dittmar Ozark, Missouri
1986 Angela Vera Connor Salisbury, North Carolina
1985 Dianne Lynn Deaton Fall Creek, Wisconsin
1985 Jennifer Notter Holyoke, Colorado
1985 Yvette Marie Francisco Lafayette, New Jersey
1984 Shelly Ann Keller Muscoda, Wisconsin
1984 Jana Kay Peterson Wykoff, Minnesota
1984 Charles Harding Brookville, Pennsylvania
1983 Melanie Lee Kohlenberg Republic, Ohio
1983 Jamie Greenheck Lone Rock, Wisconsin
1983 Susan Renee Durrer Tillamook, Oregon
1982 Gayle Furchtenicht Sarona, Wisconsin
1982 Faye Ann Streiff New Glarus, Wisconsin
1982 Lori Lee Engelken Earlville, Iowa
1981 Judith Harding Brookville, Pennsylvania
1981 Sara Ann Barlass Janesville, Wisconsin
1981 Eric Knutsen Rising Sun, Maryland
1980 Colleen Kay Brooks Omro, Wisconsin
1979 James Harding Brookville, Pennsylvania
1978 Ernestina Sepeda Tulare, California
1977 Jeffrey Harding Brookville, Pennsylvania
1976 Melodee Hall Fort Dodge, Iowa

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