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National Dairy Shrine Museum

National Dairy Shrine Museum / Hoard Historical Museum
401 Whitewater Avenue
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

Phone: 920-563-7769

Tuesday – Saturday 9:30AM – 4:30 PM
Closed Sundays and Mondays
During World Dairy Expo week open: Sunday – Saturday 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

National Dairy Shrine Museum is handicap accessible. Groups of 20 or more are encouraged to call for an appointment.

Discover the rich heritage of the dairy industry at the National Dairy Shrine Museum. Where else can you learn the history of ice cream, see a dog-powered butter churn and check out photos of champion cows dating back nine decades? You'll leave with a better understanding of why, for nearly 8,000 years, people have depended on the dairy cow for life-sustaining milk and a better quality of life.

Showcasing our dairy heritage
Your self-guided, multi-media tour of the National Dairy Shrine Museum captures the sights and sounds of dairy farming of the past, present and future.

Listen to the ping of milk hitting the pail as a pioneer dairyman milks his brindle-colored cow. Eavesdrop on a dairy farm wife of the 19th century as she goes about the time-consuming tasks of separating cream and churning butter for her family. Learn how modern manufacturing techniques have improved the availability and quality of milk, cheese, butter, yogurt and ice cream. And see how technology of the future will give us even more dairy product choices and make dairy farmers even more efficient.

From milk stools to milk bottles, cow blankets to butter molds, families love to explore National Dairy Shrine's extensive collection of dairy artifacts, gadgets and mementos. Peruse the extensive library of more than 350 dairy-related books that are on display. And, don't miss our portrait galleries recognizing dairy producers, scientists, business leaders,educators and others who have helped shape today's dairy industry.

Finding the National Dairy Shrine Museum
National Dairy Shrine Museum is located on U.S. Highway 12 East (Whitewater Ave.) in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, adjacent to the Hoard Historical Museum.

Watch for signs as you enter Fort Atkinson.


National Dairy Shrine Museum


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